RiverFort Global Capital

Combines risk capital from the fund, of which it is Investment Director, alongside risk capital
from its co-investor community to make investments in a wide array of thematic areas

Typically within an investment area, RiverFort partners with a listed operating company
both to fund the operating company and to provide project finance to the individual
projects sourced and executed by the operating company


Special Situations Credit

Sector-agnostic investment focused on providing growth capital to specific corporate situations, primarily in the technology, life sciences and resource sectors. Funding scenarios includes bridge financing, acquisition finance, invoice factoring, project financing, share liquidity solutions and venture debt. Financial instruments include unsecured debt, secured debt, mezzanine debt and convertible debt. As part of the design of the funding solution, the RiverFort team may coordinate a complementary equity financing round in conjunction with the debt financing.

Resource Sustainability

Resource sustainability is focused on investing in profitable solutions to address improving the environmental and social sustainability of the natural resources industries. Key sub-topic areas include providing solutions to:

  • profitably recover metals from mining waste which in turn reduces negative environment impact of said waste.
  • profitably reduce the production of environmentally damaging side products from the mining process.
  • profitably improve the long-term economic sustainability of local mining businesses in emerging market economies.

Technology Venture Debt

RiverFort has executed numerous prudently constructed financings for innovative companies within the technology, biotech and life sciences industries. Our firm combines a wealth of experience within the tech-oriented industries with the knowledge that comes with a history of funding growth-focused companies to come up with a broad menu of venture funding solutions. These include asset- and IP-based financings, growth capital financing, vendor financing and various revolving facilities focused on revenue growth. We realise the perceived enhanced risk profiles that are inherently tied to early- to mid-stage technology companies, and embrace the challenge of helping businesses accelerate towards sustained profitability via a unique set of structured solutions.

New Energy Supply Chain

New energy models are rapidly gaining traction. The RiverFort team historically has made a number of investments in new energy and in particular into the battery supply chain. This investment area is primarily focussed on partnering with companies who are investing in the production of key elements of current and next generation electric batteries and fuel cells to bring additional sources of supply into production including but not limited to lithium, vanadium and graphite.

Mezzanine Direct Lending

Typically used for accessing growth capital to target business expansion, mezzanine direct lending pairs upfront, accessible capital with repayment structures that are less costly than standard direct equity issuances. RiverFort employs efficient and effective mezzanine lending solutions to enable growth over multiple stages, including working capital to support expansion and/or realignment, bridges to growth events, acquisition financing and refinancing and/or buyouts of existing credit facilities.

Mezzanine products include uni- and multi-tranche drawdown facilities, revolving credit facilities, term loans, quasi-equity structures and performance-linked streaming vehicles. Our firm works directly with companies to provide the most efficient and attractive financing packages in order to most effectively meet managements’ growth goals, with an eye towards company capital preservation. We take pride in our unique ability to tailor mezzanine solutions to particular company needs spanning the growth spectrum, and we target long-term relationships with each of our investees.


With offices in London and Gibraltar, RiverFort Global Capital has a multi-sector and global orientation.

Please contact us if believe you have an investment project that may be suitable for our fund capital and co-investor community.

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