Angus Energy is an independent onshore oil and gas development company focused on advancing its portfolio of licensed UK assets.

Angus Energy are a team of petroleum industry specialists with a proven track record of operational excellence and fiscal discipline meeting the energy demands of the United Kingdom without utilizing hydraulic fracturing.

Angus Energy provides conventional production and low-risk exploration opportunities that are cash flow efficient.

RiverFort facilitated a joint loan agreement worth £3 million in order to help Angus Energy further develop the Balcombe Field Discovery.

Angus Energy, on 9 January 2019, entered into an agreement with YA II PN Ltd and RiverFort Global Opportunities PCC Limited (the “Noteholders”) for a 2-year £3 million loan facility.

The Facility may be drawn down in tranches (“Advances”) over a 24-month commitment period at the sole discretion of the Company and carry 0% interest.

Use of proceeds

Fund capital expenditures for the future development of the Balcombe Field Discovery

Provide further working capital for the group

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